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Develop in .NET with a modern CMS

Building a headless .NET app? Contensis is the perfect CMS for your next headless ASP.NET website. With its powerful content modelling features, agile development tools, and .NET wrappers for both our Management and Delivery APIs, you'll be up and running faster than you can say "Hello world." 

Example of the Contensis user interface

Management API

The Management API allows you to create and update content within Contensis as quickly and easily as possible. Use it to programmatically import content from your existing CMS or content repository for an effortless migration.

Image API

Upload an image once and deliver it in multiple sizes using non-destructive query string parameters.

Delivery API

Easily return content in one or more languages to build multilingual websites and apps.

Use your favourite languages and frameworks.

Contensis is language agnostic. Work with C# to develop applications using ASP.NET, Blazor, WPF or Xamarin. We provide a set of RESTful APIs with language wrappers for .NET and comprehensive documentation to get you started.

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A location entry being created in the Contensis User Interface.

Use your favourite languages and frameworks.

Contensis is language agnostic. Work in React, Angular, or whatever framework you like. We provide a set of RESTful APIs with language wrappers for JavaScript and .NET and comprehensive documentation to get you started.

Developing with Contensis

Create better content

The entry editor helps remove distractions and provides a more streamlined editing experience. It lets authors focus on what they do best – creating great content.

Creating content with Contensis


Contensis gives you all the benefits of a traditional content management system with the power and flexibility of a headless CMS. Improve developer productivity, increase content reuse, and empower your teams. Now with a more powerful set of APIs.
Automated sitemaps

Automated sitemaps

Improve SEO by using our NPM packages to quickly generate automated XML sitemaps for your front-end site.



Create, edit, and customise forms with our drag-and-drop forms builder. Build complex multi-page forms.

Content scheduling

Content scheduling

Keep tabs on content by setting the date and time that it should be published and expire. Create an article on Friday, and have it publish at 15:30 on Saturday – without interrupting your weekend.

Content APIs

Content APIs

Use content anywhere you like using our content APIs. Use one platform to deliver content to all of your websites, apps, and other services.

Content versioning

Content versioning

Understand the history of your content with an easy-to-follow audit trail. Easily roll content back to a previous version on a field-by-field basis.

Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions

Give users the permissions they need to do their jobs. Quickly grant groups of users permission to perform specific workflow actions, or revoke them altogether.

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