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Creating better content

Deliver content faster and with fewer mistakes.

Creating better content
The entry editor helps remove distractions and provides a more streamlined editing experience. It lets authors focus on what they do best – creating great content.

Deliver content on time and on budget

Content delays can derail web projects. Because your content is completely separate from design, you can create and update it at any stage of your project. Start adding content before your developers have finished coding.

Deliver Content On Time UI screenshot

Eliminate mistakes and cut approval times

Reduce back and forth between authors and approvers using instant validation tools that catch simple mistakes before content is submitted for approval. Content guidelines keep content on-brand by prompting authors to use the right style, voice, and tone.

Eliminate Mistakes UI screenshot

Manage content for all of your systems using the same interface

A single entry can provide content to your website, apps, and internal systems. When the time comes to make a change, update and publish the entry to all of your systems simultaneously. Simple.

Manage Your Content UI screenshot
New feature

A collaborative authoring experience

Collaborate with colleagues by adding comments directly to specific fields within the entry editor. Engage in discussions, involve relevant teammates using the @mention feature, and generate feedback throughout your content workflow.

Collaboration has never been easier.

Collaborate In Real-time illustration
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Ready to give it a try?

We can arrange a face-to-face demonstration, video demonstration or provide you with a cloud installation for you to try out.
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