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Developing with Contensis

Whether you’re building websites, apps, or other software, there’s no set way of working. Technology improves, standards change, frameworks come and go. Contensis is designed to let you work the way that you want – not the other way around.

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Start with quality data

Get your project off to the best possible start with clean, well-structured data in a familiar format. Content is modelled and stored in Contensis as JSON, with rich validation in place to prevent errors. Let your content editors concentrate on writing great copy, so you can focus on writing quality code using real data.

Start with quality data

Prototype and test with real data

Say goodbye to lorem ipsum. Be truly agile by modelling content types that authors can use to provide real content for your prototypes.
Import actual data from existing systems using the Management API and use it to test the constraints of your designs early on in your project.

Integrating with Contensis

Integrating With Contensis

The Management API allows you to create and update content within Contensis as quickly and easily as possible. Use it to programmatically import content from your existing CMS or content repository for an effortless migration. Or integrate Contensis with other systems like university research portals, museum collections, e-commerce catalogues, and central government platforms.

Delivering content

Getting your content out of Contensis is easy. Use content anywhere you like using our two publishing APIs. Use one platform to deliver content to all of your websites, apps, and other endpoints.

Delivery API

  • Speed up your content delivery with our highly-performant read-only API.
  • Easily return content in one or more languages to build multilingual websites and apps.
  • Whether you need 1 piece of data or 100,000, Contensis only returns what you request – delivering your content as efficiently as possible.
Delivery API benefits

Image API

  • Use modern formats like WebP to build beautiful content without taking a performance hit.
  • Upload an image once and deliver it in multiple sizes using non-destructive query string parameters.
  • Build lightning-fast services by caching images for up to a year or when they are updated – whichever comes first.
Image API benefits
Use your favourite languages and frameworks.

Use your favourite languages and frameworks.

Contensis is language agnostic. Work in React, Angular, or whatever framework you like. We provide a set of RESTful APIs with language wrappers for JavaScript and .NET and comprehensive documentation to get you started.

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Ready to give it a try?

We can arrange a face-to-face demonstration, video demonstration or provide you with a cloud installation for you to try out.
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