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The ultimate guide to content strategy and content governance

Danielle MeeCampaign manager
19 min read

Since the introduction of the internet, the way consumers shop has changed. Consumers compare and contrast the information available to them online before making a buying decision, and as a result, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective. Yeah we’re talking about you, outbound marketing!

Chapter 1: Why content is key to your digital marketing strategy

“A brand that answers these questions at just the right time scores a double win: It helps improve a consumer's life and stands to gain a competitive advantage over brands that don't.” - Google

There are over 4.9 billion global internet users who on average use the internet for 7 hours per day - Datareportal

It’s estimated that in Google Search alone there are 63,000 searches a second - HubSpot

Over 39% of users click on the first search result - First page sage

Governing content

Chapter 2: What is content governance?

Collaborate On Content Illustration

Governing content with Contensis

A content type being created in Contensis.
The publishing process in Contensis

Return on your content investment


Danielle MeeCampaign manager

Danielle is a campaign manager working within the marketing team. Her background is in global B2B marketing, with a focus on digital marketing campaigns.

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