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Content modelling

What are components, content types, and entries?

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 05 Mar 2021

Content types and entries let you define and model your content more flexibly and powerfully than you could if you were to store your content as web pages. You can build up a type that represents your content using fields for the elements that make it up. These elements can be titles, dates, blocks of text, images, and so on.

Content types are categories of content broken down into their smallest parts. Each item of content created from a content type is an entry. Components are groups of fields you can add to your content types.

Your authors will create content by filling in the fields you’ve defined. This makes it easier to create the right kind of content, and removes any need to think about page layouts or what goes where. It also helps make sure the right content is complete, so you can’t forget to include a date or venue for an event, or a profile picture for a new member of your team.

Why would I use them?

  • Simplify content entry for your authors with the intuitive, form-style interface.
  • Break your content down into smaller chunks to make your content easy to reuse and manage across your websites or applications.
  • Reinforce your house style with validation rules and content guidelines to help authors understand what you expect them to enter into each field as they are populating their content.
  • Add more structure and flexibility to your content types and entries with components. By grouping fields together - say for an address entry - you can save time and avoid duplication of work.

You can also develop with our Delivery and Management APIs to get content and data into your web pages or applications, and bring content from other systems into content types and entries.

We will be extending content types and entries with new features in future releases. For more information, check out our What's new page and the Contensis product roadmap.