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Issues upgrading from Drupal 7?

With support for Drupal 7 ending in November 2022, now is the perfect time to consider a migration to a more agile CMS. Book a demo of the Contensis enterprise CMS and we'll show you how smooth the migration can be.

The Contensis user interface.
An illustration of content modelling showing a laptop and floating kinds of content.


Contensis lets you build a site around your content, so it works exactly how you need it to.

An abstract illustration of a content type.


It separates the way your content is created and stored from the way it is presented.

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Create content in advance so your project stays on track, or break it up into pieces that you can reuse in other websites and apps.

Time to migrate to a better CMS

If you are currently using a version of Drupal 7 or older, you'll soon need to start planning for Drupal 7 end-of-life. Because of the way content and configuration is stored in the database of Drupal 8, you can't simply apply an update to a Drupal 7 website.

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Illustration demonstrating a migration from Drupal to Contensis

Future-proof your digital efforts with a headless CMS

The migration process from Drupal 7 to 8 isn’t a smooth transition. There are many additional considerations you must plan for, including significant changes to the structure of themes. Themes can't simply be migrated from version 7 – they must be completely rebuilt to work in Drupal 8.  By breaking the connection between content and presentation, a move to a more agile headless CMS like Contensis can set you up for a healthier digital future.

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Create better content

The entry editor helps remove distractions and provides a more streamlined editing experience. It lets authors focus on what they do best – creating great content.

Creating content with Contensis

Content modelling

Drag and drop fields to make reusable content types. Link content types together to build up key pages. It's fast, adaptable and efficient.

Content modelling


Contensis gives you all the benefits of a traditional content management system with the power and flexibility of a headless CMS. Improve developer productivity, increase content reuse, and empower your teams. Now with a more powerful set of APIs.
Accessible content

Accessible content

Contensis provides tools that help you make your content accessible to everybody – regardless of how they use the web.



Save time, ensure consistency, and cut down on mistakes by creating reusable sets of fields you can drop into any content type.

Content type builder

Content type builder

Build an authoring experience that suits the shape of your content and the requirements of your authors.

Multilingual content

Multilingual content

Translate content into over 50 languages. Use roles to build your own translation workflow. Refer to any existing language variation when translating content.

Multi-project management

Multi-project management

A single instance of Contensis can have multiple projects with their own content types, webhooks, roles, and Site View tree.

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More features

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