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Roles and permissions overview

Roles and permissions overview

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 05 Sep 2023

Permissions to create and manage a Contensis resource are determined by user being assigned to a role or a member of a system group.

For infomation on managing permissions for assets in classic Contensis, please see the article on setting user permissions.

System group permissions

The following system groups give global permission for the resource across all projects in a Contensis instance. They are outlined below, and in more detail in our Contensis system groups article.

  • System Administrators
  • API Key Administrators
  • Content type Administrators
  • Component Administrators
  • Site View Administrators
  • Roles Administrators

These system groups will be migrated in future releases of Contensis and will become part of roles.

Roles based permissions

Roles are a way of granting groups of users in your organisation permission to perform certain actions on specific resources of a project. This enables you to separate the duties within your team and provide users with exactly the amount of access that they need to do their job.

If a user is a member of multiple projects, they can have different roles for each project.

Roles do not provide granular access to individual files, assets, or entries.

Supported resources

The permissions for the following resources can be assigned at the project level using the roles builder.