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View a list of users

View, search, and filter users

Created by r.saunders, last modified by r.bromley on 22 Sep 2021

Users in Contensis are managed at an environment level. You'll need to be a system administrator to manage users.

The users listing can be found in the environment settings menu.

  1. Press the Settings button in the sidebar. If you are a system administrator you'll see a menu section labelled Environment Settings.
  2. Select Users from the menu to show a list of users in your environment.

Search and filter users

If you have a large number of users in your organisation, you may find it easier to use the filter panel to narrow down the number of users displayed. The filter acts as a faceted search, building a search query based on the filters you select.

Search by name

If you are looking for specific user, you can use the keyword search box to locate a user by their name, email address, or username. To begin searching, type your keyword into the search box and your results will update in the listing.

The search query also takes into account any filters that are applied, such as Account type or Status.

Filter by status

You can filter the results displayed by a user's account status:

  • Suspended – an account where system administrator has marked the account as suspended or when an account expiry date has been met.
  • Locked – an account that has been automatically locked by the system when a user has repeatedly entered an incorrect password.
  • Requires password change – an account that has had its password changed and is marked for the user to update at their next login.

Filter by account type

There are two types of account in Contensis. Contensis accounts, which are created using the New user account option, and external accounts, which are accounts that are generated by a single sign-on service such as Azure AD or AD FS.

You can filter the users listing by either of these account types.

Filter users with failed logins

Easily identify users that are having trouble logging into the Contensis interface our your front-end website or application by using the Has failed logins filter.

Filter by timeframe

Users can be filtered by a variety of timeframes, including when they were updated, created, and when they last logged in.





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