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Component field

Component field

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 22 Sep 2020

A component field editor enables you to insert a component created with the component builder.


The appearance of a component will vary depending on the fields assigned to it. The example below has been set up to make it easier to capture SEO requirements – in this case with fields for a title, description, image, and keywords.

An SEO component containing a Title, Description, image and keywords fields.
An example of an SEO component


Setting name Summary
Name A text label to identify the field in an entry.
Field ID A sanitised name to be used by the API.
Repeatable Allows an author to create a collection of content of the same type.
Read only Prevents authors from editing the field in the entry editor.

Supported validation

This field editor supports the following validation methods:


Common properties

Property name Summary
Field editor The component can be displayed inline to the entry, or be opened in a Component flyout editor which opens the component in a window that is overlaid the primary editor interface.
Content guidelines Provides guidance to an author for the expected content that the field should contain.