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Repeatable field overview

Repeatable field overview

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 22 Sep 2020

A repeatable field allows an author to create lists of values of the same field type in an entry. Once this option is enabled for a field, multiple items can be added, removed, and ordered in the repeated list.


A list of names

Perhaps you want a list of names of research paper contributors that exist outside of your organisation. Setting a text field to be repeatable allows you to enter multiple names.

A repeated text field with the ability to add additional text fields
An example of a repeatable text field showing multiple values.

Opening hours

To create a list of opening hours, you could set up an opening hours component containing days of the week and two fields for the from and to time. You could then set this component to be repeatable so your authors can easily enter a set of opening hours unique to your business.

A repeated opening hours component displaying opening hours for different days of the week
An example of a repeatable component showing how it can be used to display opening hours.