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View, search and filter entries

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 09 Mar 2021

Entries are created from content types and are stored in a project. You can view entries in the Entries listing screen.

Entries listing screen

Select Entries in the sidebar to open the Entries listing screen.

Search and filter entries

If you have a large number of entries in your project, you may find it easier to use the filter panel to narrow down the number of entries displayed. The filter acts as a faceted search, building a search query based on the filters selected.

The entries you see in the entries listing and the options that are present in the filter panel are reflective of user permissions, based on the roles that a user is assigned to.

Search by keyword

If you are looking for specific entry, you can use the keyword search box to locate an entry by its title or description. To begin searching, type your keyword into the search box and your results will update in the entries listing.

The search query also takes into account any filters that are applied, such as Content type or Language.

You can clear the keyword search by deleting the search term or by pressing the cross in the search box when it is active.

Search all fields

The keyword search can also be set to search all fields in your entry, allowing you to locate content that is more relevant to your search. This is helpful when you want to locate changes to an acronym or a name of something that could be located deep inside your content.

Filter by content type(s)

You can narrow down the number of entries displayed by changing the content type dropdown from All content types to a specific content types in the list, such as to show books and people.

Filter by language

You can filter the entries by changing the language in the dropdown. If you have selected a content type then the list of languages will be reflective of those supported by the content type.

Filter by content owner(s)

This filter allows you to see all content belonging to specific content owners. Content owners are defined in the properties panel of an entry. The content owner is usually the author that created the content.

Filter by published status

The published filter reduces the entries listing to those entries that are either published or not yet published. Those that have been published are available to the Delivery API.

Filter by workflow state

Entries transition through different workflow states defined by their workflow. For example, in the approval workflow there are Draft, Awaiting approval, Declined and Done states.

When no content types are selected from the content type filter, the list of workflow states is reflective of the workflows that are in use.

If you filter to a specific content type, the states shown are based on the workflow of the selected type.

Translation status

If you have any entries that are available in multiple languages then the translation status filters are shown. The filters allow you to filter entries to those which are Available to translate – meaning the default language has been published – and those which are Not available to translate, meaning the default language is not currently published.

Reset filters

You can easily reset any filters that you have set by pressing the Reset filters link at the top of the filter panel. Reloading the entries listing from the sidebar have the same effect.