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HTTP - Management

Update a webhook subscription

Created by c.neale, last modified by j.moore on 11 Nov 2021

A webhook subscription can be updated by PUT'ing an Event Subscription Resource to the webhook subscriptions resource collection.



NameParameter typeTypeFormatDescriptionExampleRequired
projectIdpathstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management consolemovieDbtrue
subscriptionIdpathstringuuidThe unique identifier of the subscriptiontrue


Update a webhook subscription

PUT: /api/management/projects/movies/events/webhooks/subscriptions/3a7ce8e3-9c9f-4242-be20-35edb29c4a07 { "name": { "en-GB": "name" }, "description": { "en-GB": "some description" }, // Urls can be templated "url": "{/resource/}", "enabled": true, "topics": [ { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["updated", "created"], "language": ["fr-fr"], "contentTypeId": ["blog", "news"], "owner": "t.durden" }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["published"], "contentTypeId": ["news"], "owner": "t.durden" }, { "resourceType": "contentType", "event": ["created"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowEventRaised"], "contentTypeId": ["blog"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowEvent" : ["contensisentrybasic.draft.submit", "contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval.approve"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowEventRaised"], "contentTypeId": ["news"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowEvent" : ["contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval.declined"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowStateChanged"], "contentTypeId": ["blog"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowState" : ["contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval"] } ], "headers": { "target": { "value": "internal" }, // Headers can be templated "department": { "value": "{/resource/department}" }, // Headers can be specified as secret, which means that the value can be set but won't be returned // Set "secretHeaderSet": { "secret": true, "value": "cs7vdsdvj~8" }, // Get "secretHeaderGet": { "value": "********", "secret": true } // NOTE: A header will not be returned if it has no value }, "templates": { // For entry events return a custom structure with specific pieces of data "entry": { "event": "{/event/name}", "user": "{/user/firstName} {/user/lastName}", "id": "{/resource/sys/id}", "title": "{/resource/entryTitle}", "description": "{/resource/entryDescription}", "department": "{/resource/department}" }, // A news specific template "": { "event": "{/event/name}", "id": "{/resource/sys/id}", "title": "{/resource/entryTitle}", "headline": "{/resource/headline}" }, // For content type events return the entire content type resource (root) "contentType": "{/resource/}" // For all other events if a template for a resource is not supplied then return the default webhook request structure } }


HTTP status codeReasonModel
200SuccessWebhook Subscription
400An invalid payload was sent in the requestError
404Subscription not foundError
500Internal server errorError