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HTTP - Management


Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 21 Jun 2021

Status codes and error responses you can encounter when using the API. The Management API returns error details in a generic format so that they can be easily handled in a consistent way. Detailed error information is not exposed in the response to ensure security sensitive details are not leaked. 

Typical HTTP status codes

Below are the current status codes returned from the Management API.

Status code Error code Description
400 Bad request The request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.
401 Unauthorized The user has not been authenticated.
403 Forbidden The action is not authorized for the current user.
404 Not found The resource was not found.
422 Validation error One or more validation errors have occurred.
409 Conflict A given value is invalid for the current state of the resource.
500 ServerError An error occurred on the server. Something went wrong processing the request.



NameData typeData formatDescription


Example error response

{ "logId": "63cb1df0-b82a-459e-accc-635e187f3b8b", "message": "An error occurred requesting the entry", "data": { "entryId": "ba8a92bd-0e5f-465e-acec-3cdb3db38df6", "projectId": "movieDb" }, "type": "error" }