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HTTP - Management

Webhook Subscription

Created by c.neale, last modified by t.broome on 15 Oct 2021

A webhook subscription resource contains the information related to a Webhook Subscription.


NameData typeData formatDescription
methodstringThe HTTP method for the workflow event. POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. Defaults to POST


An example webhook subscription resource

{ "id": "3a7ce8e3-9c9f-4242-be20-35edb29c4a07", "name": "name", "description": "some description", // Urls can be templated "url": "{/resource/}", "enabled": true, "method": "POST", "topics": [ { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["updated", "created"], "language": ["fr-fr"], "contentTypeId": ["blog", "news"], "owner": "t.durden" }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["published"], "contentTypeId": ["news"], "owner": "t.durden" }, { "resourceType": "contentType", "event": ["created"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowEventRaised"], "contentTypeId": ["blog"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowEvent" : ["contensisentrybasic.draft.submit", "contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval.approve"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowEventRaised"], "contentTypeId": ["news"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowEvent" : ["contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval.declined"] }, { "resourceType": "entry", "event": ["workflowStateChanged"], "contentTypeId": ["blog"], "owner": "t.durden", "workflowState" : ["contensisentryapproval.awaitingApproval"] } ], "headers": { "target": { "value": "internal" }, // Headers can be templated "department": { "value": "{/resource/department}" }, // Headers can be specified as secret, which means that the value can be set but won't be returned // Set "secretHeaderSet": { "secret": true, "value": "cs7vdsdvj~8" }, // Get "secretHeaderGet": { "value": "************", "secret": true } // NOTE: A header will not be returned if it has no value }, "templates": { // For entry events return a custom structure with specific pieces of data "entry": "{\n\"event\": \"{/event/name}\",\n\"user\": \"{/user/firstName} {/user/lastName}\",\n\"id\": \"{/resource/sys/id}\",\n\"title\": \"{/resource/entryTitle}\",\n\"description\": \"{/resource/entryDescription}\",\n\"department\": \"{/resource/department}\"}", // A news specific template "": "{\n\"event\": \"{/event/name}\",\n\"id\": \"{/resource/sys/id}\",\n\"title\": \"{/resource/entryTitle}\",\n\"headline\": \"{/resource/headline}\"}", // For content type events return the entire content type resource (root) "contentType": "{/resource/}" // For all other events if a template for a resource is not supplied then return the default webhook request structure }, "version": { "createdBy": "t.durden", "created": "2020-09-01T08:59:49Z", "modifiedBy": "m.singer", "modified": "2020-09-05T08:59:49Z", "versionNo": "1.0" } }