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Output format

Created by Richard Saunders, last updated 14 Nov 2018

The format format or f parameter enables the source image to be converted from one format to another. Valid values for the format parameter are gif, png, jpg, and webp.

The source image can be any of the following image formats: gif, png, jpeg, and webp.


The PNG file format is a lossless format. It does support transparency. It does not support animation.

The PNG file format is a common graphics format, often used for application assets such as logos and icons.


JPEG is a lossy format. It does not support transparency or animation.

JPEG is one of the most common formats on the web. It excels at displaying photographs. See the quality parameter for controlling the quality of the image.


The WebP format browser support is currently limited. For a list of browsers that support WebP, please see the WebP section on

If you choose to use the WebP format and the browser does not support it, we'll return a JPG in place of the WebP.

If you're seeing a black and white image you'll need to open this page in Chrome or Opera to see the rendered WebP.