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Image API

Image API

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.saunders on 14 Feb 2022

Image transformations are real-time image manipulation and optimization features of the Delivery API that speeds up image delivery. The Image API will process images up to 10Mb in size, images larger than this are not processed. As Contensis caches the results of image transformations, you can retrieve the adjusted images even faster the next time you need them.

By adding a sequence of parameters to your image URL, you can enhance, resize and crop images, compress them, or change the format for better performance. These operations can be applied programmatically in real time, removing the need to batch process or maintain multiple copies of an image to match the viewport of different devices.



In this example, the image is resized to a width of 400px, a height of 400px and applied using the crop fit criteria.


In this example, the image is resized to a width of 500px before being rotated 180.