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HTTP - Delivery

Get child nodes

Created by Contensis product team, last updated 22 Jun 2020

Gets the child nodes for a parent node.



NameParameter typeTypeFormatDescriptionExampleRequired
projectIdpathstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management consolemovieDbtrue
nodeIdpathstringuuidThe node identifier as a 128 bit GUIDtrue
languagequerystringlanguageThe specified language for the node. If no value is provided then the project primary language is usedfalse
versionStatusquerystringThe status of the associated entry, either published or latest. The default is publishedfalse
entryFieldsquerystringA comma separated list of entry fields to include in the entry response. Specify * to include all entry fieldsfalse
entryLinkDepthquerynumberThe depth at which to resolve the full entry data for a linked entry or asset, with a maximum depth value of 10false


GET: /api/delivery/projects/movieDb/nodes/d014533c-2f4e-4f73-b9f5-ff107755080b/children?language=en-GB&versionStatus=latest


If an order has been set for the child nodes then they will be returned in the defined order, otherise they will be returned ordered by the created date ascending.


HTTP status codeReasonModel
200SuccessNode [...]
404Project not foundError
404Node not foundError
500Internal server errorError