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HTTP - Management


Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 24 Feb 2022

A node represents a location within the navigational structure of a website. The linking of nodes as parent-child relationships forms the hierarchical structure of a website, with a node having a single parent and (optionally) multiple child nodes.

A single entry can be assigned to a node, separating the responsibility of navigation management from content editing.


NameData typeData formatDescription
idstringuuidThe node identifier as a 128 bit GUID
parentIdstringuuidThe identifier of the parent node as a 128 bit GUID
projectIdstringThe friendly name given to the project
displayNameobjectlocalized valueThe localised displayName of the node
slugobjectlocalized valueThe localised displayName of the node
entryIdstringuuidThe identifier of the referenced entry as a 128 bit GUID
restrictedToLanguagesstring[...]An array of all the languages supported by the node
childCountnumberThe count of child nodes
isCanonicalbooleanTrue if the node represents the canonical path for the associated entry; false otherwise
includeInMenubooleanTrue if the node should be included in menus; false otherwise. Defaults to true. Does not stop the node from being navigable
proxyobjectA proxy assigned to this node


{ "id": "baf2d873-6f65-4dbe-b3ad-b4d194c963b2", "parentId": "28107355-a43a-4b94-bc6c-28b6ac622258", "projectId": "movieDatabase", "displayName": { "en-GB": "Kelly's Heroes" }, "slug": { "en-GB": "kellys-heroes" }, "entryId": "88b9941c-59bb-4954-9a8e-8c8ac3a77f45", "restrictedToLanguages": ["en-GB", "fr-FR"], "childCount": 5, "isCanonical": true, "includeInMenu": true, "proxy": { "id": "4a398293-8250-4130-a789-44b36d1c7aac", "parseContent": false, "enablePartialMatching": false } }