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Build and launch modern websites in record time with Contensis

Contensis takes the pain out of delivering modern websites. Build a headless site using your favourite stack and then deploy it on managed infrastructure. All in one app with a single SLA.

Shape your organisation’s content with rich content models

Set out the structure of your content using our content type builder. Link content types together, add field validation, and define language variations to produce rich multilingual content models. Then you're ready to create content at scale using our easy-to-use entry editor.

Content modelling
An illustration of the Contensis map control centred on Trafalgar Square in London

Define your site structure using Site View

Site View provides an easy way to create and maintain your information architecture. Content strategists and teams can quickly view and understand the structure of your site. Simply attach entries to a node in Site View to assign them to a URL.

Find and edit content directly in the Site View screen.

Create, edit, unpublish, and delete entries without leaving Site View. 

An illustration of Contensis' site view context menu and options

Reorder content and rearrange your site structure in one place.

Assign entries to the tree automatically at content type level, or attach specific content where it needs to be found. Need to change your site structure? Easily reorder pages by moving nodes.

An illustration of Contensis content being dragged into a new order

Keep track of your content

Don't lose control of your content as your website grows. With Site View you can easily see what content is attached to each URL. Use the Preview function to see what impact your edits to a piece of content will have across the whole site.

An illustration of Contensis content being previewed to a variety of devices

Import and consume content through powerful APIs.

Delivery API

Reduce the time it takes to deliver content to multilingual websites and apps with our highly performant read-only API.

Management API

Create and update content within Contensis as quickly and easily as possible with our Management API.

Image API

Produce beautiful content without taking a performance hit. Deliver images in modern formats like WebP in multiple sizes using non-destructive transformations.

Easily build integrations between your favourite services

Use the Management API and webhooks to build more complex integrations with your organisation’s other systems and services.

Integrating with Contensis
An illustration of a Contensis user at their laptop using webhooks to connect with different applications

Surface your content with built-in enterprise-level search tools

ZenQL searches

Create reports using ZenQL to locate content based on rich queries.

Delivery API

Reduce the time it takes to deliver content to multilingual websites and apps with our highly performant read-only API.
Check out the documentation

Deliver your site in the way that makes sense to you.

An illustration of a woman working on a laptop with thought bubbles containing abstracted text, location and calendar fields above her head.

Your preferred language.

Contensis speaks your language – whatever it is. All data is stored as JSON, meaning our APIs play nicely with any language or framework, now and in the future. 

An illustration of a person working on a code editor with Visual Studio, GitHub, and GitLab logos floating around them.

Use your favourite tools.

Use the toolset you're familiar with. Whether you use VS Code or Atom, GitHub or GitLab, Cypress or Sentry, if it's in your pipeline, it'll work with Contensis.

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Anywhere in the world.

Whether you're based in the same office, across the country or around the globe, our built-in deployment platform makes it easy to work in distributed teams.

Developing with Contensis

Package your code into managed containers called Blocks.

Blocks can contain an entire app or individual microservices that make up a larger product. Deliver your entire site from a single block. Or combine blocks to build complex digital experiences. 

An illustration of a list of Contensis blocks being published

Automatically respond to demand with built-in auto-scaling

Infrastructure not your bag? Let us handle the heavy lifting. Blocks automatically scale in response to demand. Now when your product hits the headlines, you can celebrate instead of rushing to provision more servers. 

Streamline your deployment process

Deploy automatically when your tests have passed. Or when a site owner approves your changes. Either way, deploy without the drama. Even on a Friday afternoon.

An illustration of a Contensis user scheduling deployments on their laptop

Start building today

Try Contensis for free for 30 days. We'll set you up with full access to the CMS and a sample project to experiment with.

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