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Create a role

Create a role

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.saunders on 30 Mar 2021

To grant permission to content types and entries resources in Contensis you'll need to create a new role. The creation of roles is restricted to users in the role administrators group.

You should group users in your team into roles with common needs. Avoid the temptation to have too many roles defined. Keep them as simple and structured as possible.

Follow these steps to begin the process:

  1. Press the Settings button in the sidebar. The Settings menu will open, revealing a number of options.
  2. Select Roles to open the Roles listing screen.
  3. Press New role. A Create new role window will be displayed.
  4. Give your role a name, such as Events author. You can add an optional description to help other roles administrators understand the purpose of the role. The description will be displayed in the listing as well as the role editor.
  5. The new role will be enabled for use upon creation by default. You can change this using the enable/disable toggle and prevent your new role being used until it's reenabled.
  6. Press Create to create your new role. The role builder will open so you can start assigning permissions to your role.