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Edit multilingual content in Site View

Edit multilingual content in Site View

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 30 Oct 2020

If you're responsible for managing content in multiple languages, you can easily switch the context of Site view between the different languages you manage.

To manage and edit content in Site View you'll need to be a member of the Site View administrators security group and have edit permission for the entries in multiple languages you want to update. Edit permissions are defined by roles.

  1. Select Site View from the sidebar to manage your site structure and content. Site View will open in the default project language.
  2. With Site View open, use the tree to navigate to the area in your site that you'd like to update.
  3. Select a node in the tree with an entry attached to open the entry for editing.
  4. With the entry open for editing, change the language by using the language switcher above the Site View tree. If the entry is available in the selected language it will open alongside the default language entry in a split view entry editor.
  5. Make your edits to the entry and press Save and Submit to send your content for approval, or Publish if the workflow allows to publish the changes to the entry.

Language switching

The language switcher will display all languages assigned to the project. Some content may not be available in all languages due to content type language assignments. In the event you switch to a language where content isn't available, a message will be displayed to explain why.

Content not available for translation

If you have an entry opened for editing and switch to a language not supported by the content type, a message will be displayed outlining the content type name and the language that isn't currently assigned.

No default language

Some sites have content that is created in a single language for regional purposes – for example, a product only available in a particular region, or an event only occurring in a specific country.

These types of scenario are outlined in the Create an entry outside of translation workflow document.

Read-only view

If you don't have permission to edit an entry in a specific language, the entry editor will be displayed in a read-only view and you will be unable to make changes to the entry.