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Delete a component

Delete a component

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 09 Mar 2021

A component can only be deleted once it is no longer in use. The option to delete a component will be disabled if it's currently in use, which is indicated by the usage panel.

To delete a component:

  1. Open the component you want to delete by selecting it in the Component listing.
  2. When the Component builder opens, press the Action button from the Component toolbar.
  3. Press Delete from the menu. A confirmation window will appear.
  4. To confirm deletion you will need to type the component name in the text box. This will enable the delete confirmation button.
  5. Press I understand, delete the component. The component will be permanently removed from your project.

Warning: Deleting a component is irreversible. Only do this if you are confident that the component is no longer required.

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