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Find out where a component is being used

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.turner on 21 Jul 2020

It's sometimes helpful to understand where a component is used in content types and entries. You can find out where a component is used by using either of the following paths.

Understand usage from the component listing

The number of content types in which a component is in use is indicated in the component listing. This provides a basic overview – pressing the number of content types will take you to the usage panel for the component.

The usage panel in the content type builder

When a component is opened for editing, or having navigated to the component builder from the number of content types link in the components listing, a usage panel can be seen in the right hand panel.

The panel shows a list of content types and and the number of entries that are currently using the component.

From this list you can edit the content type that uses the component, or view the entries currently using the component from an entry listing filtered to the content type.