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Using the entry information panel

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.saunders on 27 Jul 2020

The Entry information panel provides an overview of entry details and user activity. It can be opened from the Entry editor toolbar or within the entry listing.

What does it show?

The Entry information panel provides detail about the entry, including:

  • Current status
  • Published
  • Created
  • Last updated
  • Language
  • Content owner (clicking the content owner name will open up an email window)
  • Content type
  • Entry references
  • Entry ID

It also provides a summary of user activity for each version of the entry. You will be able to see workflow actions that have taken place, along with time and the user who worked on the entry.

Awaiting approval and declined workflow states

If an entry is in the Declined or Awaiting approval workflow state, when the entry is opened the activity panel is automatically displayed with the submission or declined message.