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Contensis software

Zengenti provides support for issues with Contensis software.

Impact levels and response times


Under the Contensis Cloud contract you are entitled to download all new major versions of Contensis while the contract is active.


We do not provide support for issues with implementation, such as those of a system usage, setup or configuration nature. There are some exceptions, where Contensis itself may be causing knock-on issues. See the table below.

For implementation issues and requests you can submit a work request ticket to Zengenti to receive a quote. We will provide a works order if you want our professional services team to carry out the work.

If you are working with a Contensis partner, please contact them about any issues outside of the support contract.

Not Covered

Server set-up and configuration

Contensis can be deployed in almost any way you decide, and certain underlying server constraints must be operating in order for Contensis to function correctly.

Our support is therefore unable to cover tasks such as:

  • Installing new versions of Contensis
  • Adding new domain names and configuration of IIS
  • Installing windows updates
  • Creating databases and installing software to meet the Contensis prerequisites
  • Configuring FTP, firewalls or networking
  • Ensuring disk space is available, and that servers have adequate resources in the form of memory, processor availability etc.
Cascading stylesheets (CSS)

CSS can be updated or changed by any user of Contensis with the relevant permissions, or by the Contensis Professional Services team if they were engaged to work with you.

Often issues with CSS can appear due to browser hotfixes, new browser versions, or because a specific browser was not tested during template configuration.

Visual issues may occur because HTML is changed, or because a particular eventuality or use of HTML was not originally catered for.

To resolve CSS issues you require a web developer with CSS and XHTML experience. The Contensis support contract does not cover CSS issues, even if we originally implemented the CSS for you.

If a change in HTML markup to a Contensis webcontrol or component has caused a CSS issue, then we will be able to fix any bugs which result.
In order to present this type of issue, you must provide us with the snippet of HTML that has changed and clearly explain the issue you are experiencing.
Template HTML

No HTML in templates is covered under our support agreement because HTML creators are able to change the HTML, and may do so incorrectly.

If you feel that there is a problem with the display of the web page, it is likely to be an issue with the HTML or CSS. We do not cover any changes, fixes or investigations into page rendering.

The HTML parser used by Contensis will slightly modify the template HTML that is input for certain tags, such as hyperlinks and images. If you can demonstrate a specific problem with the parser, causing an HTML rendering issue or similar, then we will resolve the issue if it is a bug.
Please provide full details of the issue including specific test cases.
If there is a specific issue with the rendering of Contensis standard web controls, such as menus or blogs, we will be happy to investigate the potential issue and resolve if it is a bug.
Please provide the source code and demonstrate the issue in detail.
Template custom code

Often some .NET custom code may be used within a template implementation. Because .NET code can be created within the custom code window, we cannot offer support on this code.

If you are calling a Contensis API Method and can demonstrate a problem with it, we will investigate and fix any bug.
You must have attended Contensis developer training and need to provide a test case in order for us to do this.
Bespoke WHERE clauses and datafilters

Most Contensis list controls support either bespoke WHERE clauses or custom datafilters. Essentially these are TSQL and the person inputting the text can create any problem or issue that is possible in TSQL.

If you don't understand why your filter is not working, we would recommend that you use SQL Profile to see the whole SQL query and use query analyser to test and fix any issue. We do not support these filters as they are appended to the standard WHERE clause generated by Contensis.

Bespoke web controls

Bespoke web controls are not covered under the Contensis support and maintenance contract. Any code can be executed in a bespoke control and the Contensis team have no way of controlling this.

If Zengenti have created a bespoke web control for you and you have purchased support specifically for this control then we will fix any coding issues that arise due to upgrades of the Contensis software.
New development to the control is not covered under this support agreement and must be raised as a client work request.