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HTTP - Management

Check a user is a member of a group

Created by c.neale, last modified by zengenti on 20 Jun 2022

A group can be checked to see if it has a user member using the following HEAD request. A 204 HTTP status response confirms membership, whereas a 404 HTTP status marks no membership.

If an invalid value for userIdentifier or any groupIdentifier is passed then a 400 HTTP status response will be returned.



NameParameter typeTypeFormatDescriptionExampleRequired
groupIdentifierpathstringgroup identifierFor convenience, Group resources can be referenced by using either the group name or id"Paper Street Soap Company" or "82f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c"true
UserIdentifierpathstringuser identifierFor convenience, User resources can be referenced by using one of several identifiers - username, email address or Id."82f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c" or "t.durden" or ""true


Check if a user is a member of the a group by Id

HEAD: /api/security/groups/9bb89380-fd49-41a5-ab2f-fc25e482a251/users/9f02a3d1-d8eb-4b10-8ed6-293a11d5201f

Check if user 'tdurden' is a member of the 'Paper Street Soap Company' group by name

HEAD: /api/security/groups/Paper%20Street%20Soap%20Company/users/tdurden

Check if user is a member of the 'Fight club' group by email address

HEAD: /api/security/groups/9bb89380-fd49-41a5-ab2f-fc25e482a251/users/


Membership will be classed as true if the user is a member of a child group of the specified group.


Member of System Administrators or the authenticated user matching the specified user can check group membership.


HTTP status codeReasonModel
204Success - User in Group
404User not in groupError
500Internal server errorError