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HTTP - Management

List block versionsBeta

Created by s.horan, last updated 11 Mar 2021

Gets versions of a block as a paged list



NameParameter typeTypeFormatDescriptionExampleRequired
projectIdpathstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management consolemovieDbtrue
blockIdpathstringThe block identifiermovie-listingtrue
branchIdpathstringThe branch identifiermaintrue
brokenpathbooleanSet to true if you only want to see broken block versionsfalse
runningStatuspathstringFilter the listing to a specific running statusstoppedfalse
pageIndexquerynumberintegerThe index of the pagefalse
pageSizequerynumberintegerThe number of results per page. The default is 25.false


Get all block versions for the main branch of the movie-listing block

Accept: application/json
GET: /api/management/projects/movieDb/blocks/movie-listing/main/versions/


HTTP status codeReasonModel
200SuccessPagedList<Block version>
422Validation errorError
500Internal server errorError