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HTTP - Management

Delete an entry

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 22 Sep 2020

Deletes an entire entry or specific language variations.

DELETE/api/management/projects/{projectId}/entries/{entryId}?language={comma separated list of variations to delete}


NameParameter typeTypeFormatDescriptionExampleRequired
projectIdpathstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management consolemovieDbtrue
entryIdquerystringuuidThe entry identifier as a 128 bit GUIDtrue
languagepathstring[...]languageA comma separated list of variations to deletefr,defalse


An example showing how to delete an entry and all it's language variations

DELETE: /api/management/projects/movieDb/entries/movie/71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c

An example showing how to delete the French and German language variations of an entry

DELETE: /api/management/projects/movieDb/entries/movie/71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c?language=fr,de


You must be authorised to delete all the language variations or the whole request will fail.


HTTP status codeReasonModel
404Project not foundError
404Entry not foundError
500Internal server errorError