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Upload asset file

Upload asset file

Created by r.turner, last modified by m.summerfield on 03 May 2022

A file is required to be uploaded to the asset resource endpoint before an asset can be created. A content type of multipart/form-data is used to perform the upload. A file id is returned for a successful upload which then can be used as a file reference in a AssetFile field when creating an asset. Multiple files can be uploaded in a single request with the resulting file ids returning in the same order as they are uploaded. It is not possible to have an upload larger than 2GB, though depending on your connection speed to the CMS, your upload may time out before reaching that limit.

POST /api/management/projects/{projectId}/assets/


Name Parameter type Type Format Description
projectId path string   The project identifier.
POST /api/management/projects/website/assets HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN] Content-Type: multipart/form-data; Content-Length: 230563 boundary=--upload_boundary --upload_boundary Content-Type: image/jpeg [JPEG_DATA] --upload_boundary Content-Type: image/jpeg [JPEG_DATA] --upload_boundary--

Response message

HTTP status code Reason Response model
201 Created Array of file id objects
401 Unauthorized Error
500 InternalServerError Error
[ { "fileId": "25bd73bb-cbb0-454f-a762-2bee08a68cbe.jpg" }, { "fileId": "97d70ad2-017f-46ff-8d9e-f8d054652d9c.jpg" } ]