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Image transformations

Created by Mike Andrews, last updated 16 Oct 2018

The ImageTransformations class represents transformations that will be applied to images in the Delivery API and within the Image Editor in the Contensis Entry UI.
All properties within the ImageTransformation type are optional.


Name Type Description
Crop ImageCrop The crop properties including Height, Width, X and Y.
Quality int? The image quality in percentage.
Rotate int? The image rotation in degrees.
Size ImageSize The image resize properties including Height and Width.
Flip string The image flip orientation.

Setting the image transformations

ImageTransformations transformations = new ImageTransformations
    Crop = new ImageCrop
        Height = 1080,
        Width = 1920,
        X = 400,
        Y = 900
    Quality = 100,
    Rotate = 90,
    Size = new ImageSize
        Height = 1080,
        Width = 1920
    Flip = ImageFlip.Vertical