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Created by Scott Yearsley, last updated 22 Oct 2018

Assets are effectively an extension of entries, with additional properties containing details about the file they represent. An asset is an entry with a dataFormat value equal to 'asset', which allows them to be identified and queried independently to entries.

Standard fields

All assets have the following standard entry fields:

Name Type Description
Title string The title of the asset.
Description string The description for the asset.
Properties PropertiesDictionary A read-only collection of asset specific fields.


In addition to the standard data fields, images have the following.

Name Description
altText The default alt text defined for the image resource.


Name Type Description
Filename string The name of the actual file, with extension included.
FileSize long The file size in bytes.
Extension string The file extension.
FileId string The Guid identifier of the file resource.
Uri string The URI path to the file, excluding the domain.
[fieldName] object An indexed accessor to extended properties which are not exposed as typed properties.

Extended properties

These are properties that are specific to an asset type. Currently this is limited to images, but new extended properties may be added for images (such as cameraModel) in the future or for other asset types.


Name Description
Width The width of the image.
Height The height of the image.