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Created by Simon Horan, last modified by Scott Yearsley on 19 Sep 2017

Entries can be linked to other entries or assets through a Link reference. A field may have a single link or contain a list of links to represent a one-to-many relationship.

Getting entry or asset links

// Got a single link value
var trailerLink = movieEntry.Get<Link>("trailer");

// Get a list of link values
var reviews = movieEntry.Get<List<Link>>("reviews");

The Image type has a link property called Asset and a caption.

// Get an image
var bannerImage = movieEntry.Get<Image>("trailer");

// The link for an Image type is the Asset property
var imageLink = bannerImage.Asset;

Setting an entry or asset

// Set a link to a specific language variation
movieEntry.Set("trailer", new Link("793328d9-44f1-4af4-9ab9-f09374e178b7", "en-GB"));

// Set a list of links inline
movieEntry.Set("reviews", new List<Link>
    { new Link("e3b8d874-abc3-4845-ad14-226026386953") },
    { new Link("46f8e03d-39dc-4b3e-9d8b-a4ef7333b322") }

Setting an image

// Set an Image link
movieEntry.Set("bannerImage", new Image("d349c6f1-510a-4fbc-bc75-bad026a229f0", "The Avengers"));

// Set a list of images
var posters = new List<Images>();
posters.Add(new Image("74129401-9c4c-4b39-bfc7-a2f87d22cf68", "Captain America"));
posters.Add(new Image("f7864568-76e6-467b-ac76-a4d215c45b2d", "The Hulk"));

movieEntry.Set("posters", posters);