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Created by Richard Saunders, last updated 15 Nov 2018

Image transformations work by applying the query parameters of the transformation to the uri of an image. The uri for the image can be found in the uri attribute of an image sys object, returned in the JSON response.

Transformations set against the image from the UI or Management API are appended as query string parameters to the sys.uri, so that when requested the transformations are applied using the Image API.

When the entry is requested without a linkDepth, the uri is not set however the transformations are still returned.

The simplified JSON for an asset looks like this:

    "asset": {
        "title": "Fight Club Poster",
        "description": "Fight Club main poster artwork",
        "altText": "Fight Club",
        "sys": {
            "id": "a83c9fcc-51ef-41aa-878f-af5a33ba4b2f",
            "projectId": "movieDb",
            "contentTypeId": "Image",
            "dataFormat": "asset",
            "language": "en-GB",
            "uri": "/images/1999/drama/fight-club.jpeg?w=1920&h=1080",
            "properties": {
                "filename": "fight-club.jpeg",
                "fileSize": 6033,
                "width": 300,
                "height": 450
            "version": {
                "createdBy": "c.alahniuk",
                "created": "1999-11-02T17:30:31.73",
                "modifiedBy": "b.pitt",
                "modified": "1999-11-02T17:30:31.73",
                "publishedBy": "d.fincher",
                "published": "1999-11-02T17:30:31.73",
                "versionNo": "1.0"
    "caption": "Fight club is a great film!",
    "altText": "The 1999 Fight Club movie poster.",
    "transformations": "w=1920&h=1080"