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Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.turner on 13 Jul 2020

An asset is an extension of an entry, with pre-defined fields and additional properties containing details about the file they represent. An asset is an entry with a dataFormat value equal to asset, which allows them to be identified and queried independently to entries.


NameData typeData formatDescriptionExample
titlestringThe title of the asset
entryTitlestringThe title of the asset, all entries have a field called entryTitle.
descriptionstringThe description of the asset
entryDescriptionstringThe description of the asset, all entries have a field called entryDescription.
thumbnailstringlinkThe thumbail image specified for the asset
keywordsstringKeywords associated with the asset
altTextstringIn the case of an image this will be populated with the image default ALT text
propertiesobjectThe container of the asset properties
properties.filenamestringThe filename of the asset
properties.filesizenumberThe filesize of the asset in kb
properties.widthnumberOnly available for an image. This is the width of the image in px
properties.heightnumberOnly available for an image. This is the height of the image in px
sysobjectThe container of the asset system data.
idstringuuidThe asset identifier as a 128 bit GUID.
projectIdstringThe project identifier found in the project overview screen of the management console.movieDb
contentTypeIdstringThe API identifier of the content type that the entry is based on.
dataFormatstringEither entry or asset.
languagestringlanguageThe language code of the entry variation.en-GB
availableLanguagesstring[...]languageA list languages which have available translations.
uristringURIThe entry URI.
metadataobjectThe container for the metadata associated with the entry
workflowobjectThe container for the workflow data associated with the entry
workflow.idstringThe API identifier of the workflow that the entry is using.contensisEntryBasic
workflow.statestringThe API identifier of the current workflow state of the entry.draft
isPublishedboolean If the entry is currently pubished then the value will be true. If the entry has yet to be published or has been unpublished it will be false.
translationStatestringThe API identifier of the translation status of the entry.Possible values are None, NeverTranslated, Translated, TranslationOutOfDate, NoDefaultLanguage, AvailableForTranslation, NotAvailableForTranslation
VersionobjectversionVersion info specific to the entry variation.


{ "title": "Al Pacino", "description": "Photo of Al Pacino in Scarface", "keywords": "Al Pacino, Alfredo Pacino, Scarface, Godfather", "altText": "Al Pacino wearing a white suit", "thumbnail": { "sys": { "id": "639f00f2-800f-41e6-9713-c57d925fface", "dataFormat": "asset", "language": "en-GB", "contentTypeId": "image", "uri": "/image-library/people-images/al-pacino-thumbnail.x30cc3dd3.jpg" } }, "entryTitle": "Al Pacino", "entryDescription": null, "sys": { "projectId": "website", "metadata": { "includeInSearch": true, "includeInAToZ": false, "includeInMenu": false, "includeInSiteMap": false, "nodeId": "e33d1064-d1ff-4dab-937d-252596b75dde" }, "properties": { "filename": "al-pacino.jpg", "fileSize": 65031, "fileId": "e33d1064-d1ff-4dab-937d-252596b75dde", "width": 600, "height": 900 }, "version": { "createdBy": "ServicesUser", "created": "2020-03-24T11:30:19.0084202Z", "modifiedBy": "ServicesUser", "modified": "2020-04-21T08:58:45.7037069Z", "publishedBy": "ServicesUser", "published": "2020-04-21T08:59:15.9296679Z", "versionNo": "2.0" }, "owner": "zengenti", "isPublished": false, "availableLanguages": [ "en-GB" ], "id": "e33d1064-d1ff-4dab-937d-252596b75dde", "dataFormat": "asset", "language": "en-GB", "uri": "/image-library/people-images/al-pacino.jpg", "contentTypeId": "image" } }