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What is CI/CD and how does it work?

Ryan BromleyProduct owner and content strategist
11 min read09 January 2024

TL;DR CI/CD pipeline explained

Rolling out new features and fixing bugs rapidly is now the reality of software and apps. To keep pace, developers have adopted methodologies that streamline the process and enhance efficiency. One methodology that has become a cornerstone of modern software development practice is CI/CD. But what exactly is CI/CD, and how does it work?

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What is CI/CD?

How does CI/CD relate to DevOps?

What are the benefits of CI/CD?

Do I need a CI/CD pipeline for my website?

What do I need to create a CI/CD pipeline? 

Best practices in CI/CD

What role does containerisation play in CI/CD?

What is the role of a deployment platform in CI/CD?

Final thoughts

Ryan BromleyProduct owner and content strategist

Ryan is a product owner and content strategist in the team that develops

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