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Contnesis ask me anything

The final 'Contensis – ask me anything' of 2023

We're delighted to announce our last Contensis AMA session for 2023, happening this December.

Danielle MeeCampaign manager
less than a minute02 November 2023

At Zengenti, we love engaging and supporting our Contensis community. Our 'Contensis – ask me anything' events are one way that we do.

Get ready for the final Contensis AMA of 2023.

The year is winding down, but for Zengenti and Contensis, our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions and supporting our community never stops.

That's why we're excited to announce our last Contensis AMA session for 2023, happening this December.

Let's dive deeper!

What is a Contensis AMA?

A Contensis AMA is your exclusive opportunity, as a Contensis community member, to engage in a focused Q&A session with our product leads.

It's all about opening up the feedback loop and getting your specific questions answered.

Whether you're a seasoned Contensis user or just getting started, we're here to address your questions, big or small.

How does it work?

Our AMA takes place remotely via Zoom, creating a virtual space for a conversation and meetup.

It's a chance for you to put faces to the names and voices behind Contensis.

We believe transparency and direct communication are key to building a strong relationship with our community.

Unlike our webinars, the AMA sessions aren’t recorded and shared after. We wanted to create an interactive space where you can confidently engage in conversations with our experts.

Who will be there?

You can expect to meet Chief technical officer, Simon Horan and Senior product and design manager, Richard Saunders, two of our experienced experts who are eager to chat with you.

They bring a wealth of knowledge and insights about Contensis, content modelling, accessibility of the product, developer experience, Contensis architecture, and the product roadmap for 2024.

Alongside our experts will be other Contensis community members, bringing their questions and insights to the conversation.

Meet the team, Richard Saunders is Senior product and design manager at Zengenti.
Meet our Contensis expert, Senior product and design manager, Richard Saunders.

What will we cover?

That is up to you! We open the conversation to our community to ask questions and give suggestions on how the product can develop and grow.

We started running our AMAs at the beginning of 2022, and we’re excited to keep supporting our community through this medium. Topics we have covered in the past have included:

  • Contensis roadmap: Dive into the heart of our content management system (CMS) and what we have lined up for the next 12 months.
  • Core functionality and support: Getting into the finer details of what makes our enterprise CMS tick, for example, DDoS, DR, 99.99% SLAs, and group training sessions.
  • Our favourites: Find out what our experts are most excited about and the features they feel are a big deal.
  • Accessibility: Learn how we're continually enhancing Contensis to be accessible to all.
  • Developer experience: Explore Blocks, developer-friendly features, APIs and integrations, and enhancements.
  • Editor experience: What we’re doing to make the lives of content editors and digital teams easier: composable landing pages, Canvas and microsites.
  • Best practices: Roles, permissions, content types and entries, content modelling - learn how to get the most out of these features in our CMS.

Sign up and join us

Mark your calendars for the Contensis AMA, taking place on Thursday, 7 December, at 15:00 GMT for one hour.

It's your chance to connect, learn, and share your thoughts directly with the people behind Contensis.

This is an invite-only event for Contensis community members. If you’d like to join us, sign up via Contensis Slack, the invite email or by contacting your account manager.

Have you got burning questions or topics you'd like us to cover during the AMA? Feel free to drop a comment or message in Contensis Slack, and we'll include them in the discussion.

We can't wait to chat with you!

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Danielle MeeCampaign manager

Danielle is a campaign manager working within the marketing team. Her background is in global B2B marketing, with a focus on digital marketing campaigns.

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