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Contnesis ask me anything

The final 'Contensis – ask me anything' of 2023

We're delighted to announce our last Contensis AMA session for 2023, happening this December.

Danielle MeeCampaign manager
4 min read02 November 2023
At Zengenti, we love engaging and supporting our Contensis community. Our 'Contensis – ask me anything' events are one way that we do.

TL;DR [too long; didn't read] 🤯

What is a Contensis AMA?

How does it work?

Who will be there?

Meet the team, Richard Saunders is Senior product and design manager at Zengenti
Meet our Contensis expert, Senior product and design manager, Richard Saunders.

What will we cover?

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Danielle MeeCampaign manager

Danielle is a campaign manager working within the marketing team. Her background is in global B2B marketing, with a focus on digital marketing campaigns.

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