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Local government disaster recovery

Don’t want your site to go down

We understand that having your council’s site up and running at all times is important, but could you imagine if you were to experience downtime during your busiest periods?

Fear not. Disaster recovery has your back.

What is disaster recovery (DR) we hear you ask?

This is when a DR environment takes a complete copy of the data you have stored in your primary data centre in a separate second location.

We make sure that we take a copy of the data from your primary data centre every 10 minutes, which means your recovery environment is completely up to date.


London data centre not responding...

Preparing to forward traffic to Manchester pod...

Success. Traffic is now being served by Manchester data centre.

Elapsed operation time 108 seconds.

If the worst happens, and your main environment goes down, our infrastructure will switch to your DR environment in less than 2 minutes – ensuring your website and other services stay online.

Contensis’ disaster recovery services can keep you and your council up and running

DR is a bespoke service and there is no one-size-fits-all setup. To discuss your requirements, and find out how we can help ensure you stay online during your busiest periods and beyond, contact your account manager today.