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Removal of slug on entry links

Created by Contensis product team on 23 Oct 2020

If you do rely on having slugs for entries in links then you can return them by specifying a linkDepth of 1. Alternatively if you are moving over to using nodes then you can use the full URI returned in the link.

Version 11

{ "title": "Doctor Strange", "actors": { "sys": { "id": "015e3e82-8451-42ee-99eb-155445c5b2f8", "dataFormat": "entry", "slug": "benedict-cumberbatch" } }, "entryTitle": "Doctor Strange", "sys": { "id": "71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c", "contentTypeId": "movie", "projectId": "movieDb", "language": "en-GB", "uri": "/api/delivery/projects/website/entries/71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c", "dataFormat": "entry", "metadata": {}, "version": { "createdBy": "s.derrickson", "created": "2016-10-12T09:29:18.5144641+01:00", "modifiedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "modified": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "publishedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "published": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "versionNo": "2.0" } } }

Version 12

{ "title": "Doctor Strange", "actors": { "sys": { "dataFormat": "entry", "contentTypeId": "actor", "id": "015e3e82-8451-42ee-99eb-155445c5b2f8", "uri": "/actors/benedict-cumberbatch" } }, "entryTitle": "Doctor Strange", "sys": { "id": "71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c", "contentTypeId": "movie", "projectId": "movieDb", "language": "en-GB", "uri": "/api/delivery/projects/website/entries/71f73a9b-2a13-4d63-bcc1-e8ee5047b01c", "dataFormat": "entry", "metadata": {}, "version": { "createdBy": "s.derrickson", "created": "2016-10-12T09:29:18.5144641+01:00", "modifiedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "modified": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "publishedBy": "b.cumberbatch", "published": "2016-10-13T10:15:12.1973648+01:00", "versionNo": "2.0" } } }