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ZenQL search – keywords

Created by r.saunders, last updated 14 Feb 2022

A keyword in ZenQL is a word or phrase that does any of the following:

  • joins two or more clauses together to form a complex ZenQL query
  • alters the logic of one or more clauses
  • alters the logic of of an operator

You can use the following keywords in your ZenQL queries. 


Used to combine multiple clauses, allowing you to refine a search.

  • Find all plants that are published.
    sys.contentTypeId = plant and sys.isPublished = true


Used to check if any of the conditions are met in a clause.

  • Find all entries that are plants or pots.
    sys.contentTypeId = plant or sys.contentTypeId = pot


Used to ensure that the search condition is not true.

  • Find all entries that are not plants.
    not sys.contentTypeId = plant alternatively sys.contentTypeId != plant
  • Find all entries where the entry title does not start with chinese.
    entryTitle not startswith chinese


Used to search within a range. Can be used with numbers and dates.

  • Find all pots that have a height between 6 and 12 centimetres.
    sys.contentTypeId = pot and height between(6,12) 
  • Show all pots created between last month and this month.
    sys.contentTypeId = pot and sys.version.created between(startOfMonth(-1),endOfMonth())


Scopes using parenthesis allow you to compare and combine multiple complex clauses.

  • Find all plant or pots that were created on or after the 6th December 2021.
    sys.contentTypeId = plant or (sys.contentTypeId = pot and sys.version.created >= 2020-12-06