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Export a list of users in a group as a CSV file

Created by r.saunders, last modified by r.bromley on 08 Apr 2021

You can export a list of users in a group from the Group listing screen.

With the Group listing screen displayed:

Export users

  1. Locate the group you want to generate a CSV export of.
  2. Press the Actions button in the listing. A context menu will be displayed.
  3. Select Export users as CSV from the menu. Depending on your browser download preferences, you'll either be prompted to save the file to a specific location, or the file will automatically be downloaded to your downloads folder.

CSV file definition

The following information is contained within the CSV file:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • userName
  • created
  • modified
  • language
  • lastLogin
  • passwordChanged