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Assign users to a group based on their email domain

Created by r.saunders, last updated 23 Aug 2021

Users can be automatically added to a group based on their email domain when their account is first created. A system administrator will need to set this up in the group details screen.

  1. Press the Settings button in the sidebar. If you are a system administrator you'll see a menu section labelled Environment Settings.
  2. Select Groups from the menu to show the list of groups in your environment.
  3. Locate the group you want to edit from the group listing screen.
  4. Select the group you want to edit by clicking on the group name in the listing. The group details screen will be displayed.
  5. You can add the domain(s) you want to be automatically assigned to the group by typing the domain name in the Domains text box followed by pressing Enter. The domain will be added as a chip item below the text box.
  6. Press Save in the toolbar to save your changes.

If a user from the specified domain was already created, you must add them to the group manually. They won't be added automatically.