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Enable / disable a webhook

Enable / disable a webhook

Created by r.saunders, last modified by r.bromley on 08 Apr 2021

If you want to temporarily stop or pause updates to an integration being sent for a while then you can disable the webhook.

Warning: Disabling a webhook subscription will prevent any updates being sent to your webhook endpoint. Any events raised whilst disabled will not be captured or processed when the webhook is re-enabled.

Disable a webhook from the listing

  1. Press the Settings button in the sidebar.
  2. Select Webhooks from the settings menu to open the webhooks listing.
  3. Find the Webhook you want to disable in the list, and press the Action button denoted by the triple dot.
  4. Select Disable from the menu. A notification will be displayed confirming that the webhook has been disabled and the status will be updated in the listing.

Disable a webhook from the editor

Alternatively, you can disable the webhook from the webhook editor.

  1. With a webhook opened for editing, open the Information panel from the toolbar.
  2. Press the toggle button to disable the webhook. The status will update.
  3. Press Save to disable the webhook. A confirmation notification will be displayed.