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Workflow states

Workflow states

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 14 Sep 2020

The following entry workflow states represent the states that are possible in the standard workflows that ship with Contensis.

In progress

When an entry is created it will be in the In progress state until it has been published.

Awaiting approval

When an entry is part of the approval workflow and has been sent for approval, then the entry will be in the Awaiting approval state.

There are three actions that can occur when an entry is in the Awaiting approval state:

  • Approve – the approver accepts the content, and it is approved for publishing.
  • Decline – the approver declines the content in review and it is transitioned into the Declined state for an author to make the appropriate changes and re-submit before the content can be published.
  • Revoke and edit – the author needs to make a change to the entry after sending the content for approval. Revoking and editing the entry moves it back into the In progress state, allowing the entry to be edited.


When an entry is part of the approval workflow and has been declined, then the entry will be in the Declined state.

When the entry is viewed, the entry activity panel is displayed in the entry editor. The decline message is shown, outlining the reason that the content was declined.


When an entry has been completed and the entry has been approved or published, the entry will be moved into the Done state. This indicates the end of the entry's lifecycle for that version.

Content in the Done state will usually be published. However in future versions of Contensis, content may be in the Done state but assigned to a release schedule, be unpublished, or archived.

The published column in the entry listing indicates if a particular entry is published or not.

Language statuses

Never translated

When a language variation exists and its content has not yet been created the entry will have the Never translated state.

Available for translation

When a language variation has a published version and changes to the default language have been made the entry will have the Awaiting translation state.

Out of date

When a language variation's default language is updated, the entry will have the Out of date state.