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Add existing entries to a site section

Add exisiting entries to a site section

Created by r.bromley, last modified by r.saunders on 12 Feb 2021

If you have existing entries that you'd like to add to an area of your site then you can assign multiple entries to a section within the Site View screen. This is great if you want to add news, events, or blogs to an area of your site in bulk.

  1. Select Site View in the sidebar to manage your site structure and content.
  2. With Site view open, use the tree to navigate to the node in your site where you'd like to add entries.
  3. Right-click, or select the Actions option – indicated by the triple dot icon – to open the node context menu.
  4. Select Add existing entries from the menu that is displayed. A window will be displayed.
  5. You can now search for the entries you are looking for by entering a keyword or filtering to a particular content type.
  6. Select the entries you want to add from the list by pressing on each entry in the list. Your selection will be indicated by a green active state and a tick above the entry icon.
  7. With your selections made, press Attach entries. The entries will be added to the section and displayed in the listing.