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Searchable dropdown field

Searchable dropdown field

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.saunders on 25 Aug 2020

The searchable dropdown field editor provides a way to use keyword searches to filter down a large list of values that are set in the list values properties text box.

The type of dropdown displayed will depend on whether multiple selection is allowed.

Single selections allow a single value to be searched for and set – very similar to a standard dropdown menu, but with the addition of support for searches.

When multiple selection is, set each value selected is added as box with a cross icon which allows items to be removed from the list.


A search box and a selected item shown as a tag
An example of a single selection made with the searchable dropdown field editor
A search box and multiple selected items displayed as tags
An example of a multiple selection made with the searchable dropdown field editor


Setting name Summary
Name A text label to identify the field in an entry.
Field ID A sanitised name to be used by the API.
Allow multiple items to be selected Allows an author to select multiple items in the tree.
Read only Prevents authors from editing the field in the entry editor.

Supported validation

This field editor supports the following validation methods:


Common properties

Property name Summary
Placeholder text The placeholder property provides a short hint describing the expected value of a field, in the case of the searchable dropdown this value will set the default text.
Content guidelines Provides guidance to an author for the expected content that the field should contain.

List values

This property expects a comma separated list of values that are to be displayed in the dropdown. List items can be ordered using drag and drop.

For example, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple.