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Asset field

Asset field

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.saunders on 17 Oct 2022

This field editor allows an author to make single or multiple selections of file assets that have been uploaded to Contensis.

Selection is made in an asset gallery. Single or multiple selection of assets is determined by the multiple selection field setting.


An example of a single selection asset field
An example of a multiple selection asset field


Setting name Summary
Name A text label to identify the field in an entry.
Field ID A sanitised name to be used by the API.
Multiple selection Allows an author to select multiple assets.
Read only Prevents authors from editing the field in the entry editor.

Supported validation

This field editor supports the following validation methods:


Common properties

Property name Summary
Content guidelines Provides guidance to an author for the expected content that the field should contain.
Field visibility Determines if the field should be displayed in the collapsed state when opening the entry editor.


The display of available assets in the gallery will be restricted to show only those types selected in the Type drop-down list.

The drop-down list is populated with asset types supported by the current project.


The upload field setting allows you to control whether an author will be able to upload assets to the field. Assets will be uploaded to the folder set in the search box. The ability for a user to upload an asset is determined by their role permissions.

Limit the display of assets

This property determines what assets should be displayed in the asset gallery for the field. By default all assets are shown.