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Set and remove a default location for entries

Set and remove a default location for entries

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 09 Mar 2021

For the most part, content types relate to common collections of entries such as blogs, products, news, events, services, people, and courses. Adopting a consistent URL structure helps people and search engines to find and navigate this content.


To make it easier for your authors, you can set a default location where collection content will be saved in your site structure. This means your authors can focus on creating great content for your site, rather than worrying about where in the site it should be placed.

Follow these steps to set a default location for a content type:

  1. Press the Content modelling button in the sidebar. The Content modelling drawer will open, revealing a number of options.
  2. Select Content types to open the Content types listing screen.
  3. Press the content type you want to edit. The Content type builder will open.
  4. From the Content type properties panel, scroll down to the location section.
  5. Press anywhere on the Location field and the Choose location window will be displayed.
  6. Select a node/location from your site structure using the tree explorer in the left-hand pane. Your selection will be used as the initial location when creating entries from this content type.
  7. Press Apply and the Choose location window will close.
  8. Press Save then Publish to make the changes to the content type.

The setting will have no effect on existing entries created using the content type. When a new entry is created from the content type the default location will be set to the chosen location without an author having to make any changes.

Remove location

Once a location has been set on the content type, an option to remove the location is displayed below the Location field.

  • Press the Remove location link and the default location will be removed from the content type.
  • Save and Publish the content type for the changes to take effect.

Once the location has been removed, authors will have to specify a location for any new entries created using the content type in order to add them to your site structure.