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Schedule an entry to be published/unpublished

Schedule an entry to be published/unpublished

Created by r.saunders, last updated 20 Sep 2021

Entries can be set to be automatically published or unpublished at a specified date and time by using the scheduling panel in the entry editor.

To set a schedule

  1. With an entry opened for editing, press the Schedules button in the editor toolbar and the scheduling panel will be opened.
  2. Press the Set schedule button in the panel and a window will be opened to set the date and time when the entry should be scheduled.
  3. Press the Schedule button to set the schedule. A confirmation notification will be shown and the schedule information will be summarised in the schedules panel.
  4. You can continue to edit your entry and proceed to the next stage in your content workflow, either by pressing the Schedule button in the top toolbar if you are using the Basic workflow or Send for approval if you are using the approval workflow.