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View the history of an entry

View the history of an entry

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by r.bromley on 24 Sep 2020

All changes to an entry are recorded in version history. To view the history of an entry follow these steps:

  1. Press the Entries button in the sidebar to open the Entries listing screen.
  2. Press the entry title to open the entry. The Entry editor will be displayed.
  3. Press the Actions button (indicated by the triple dot icon). A dropdown menu will be displayed.
  4. Select Version history in the menu. The version history screen will slide into view.

Comparing versions

The version history screen is split into three panels:

  • The Compare version panel shows the version of the entry that is currently selected from the Versions change list. When you select a change from the list in the Version panel, the Compare version panel will update, so you can compare the selected changed version with the version that you are currently editing.
  • The Current version panel shows the version of the entry that you are currently editing. Any fields that have been updated in a subsequent version will be highlighted in yellow
  • The Versions panel shows the version history of an entry as a list of changes that have been made over time.

Only show updated fields

Pressing the Only show updated fields checkbox in the Current version panel will hide any unchanged fields and show only the changed fields between the compare version and the current version.

Applying changes

If you want to reinstate content from an earlier version, select Copy field (indicated by an arrow icon) on the field that holds your preferred content.

Alternatively, use the Copy all fields button to update the current version with all the previous content. Press Apply changes to complete the action and return to the entry editor.