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Multi language support

Multi language support

Created by Contensis product team, last modified by zengenti on 07 Mar 2022

When a multilingual license key is present in Contensis, entries can be created in multiple languages. The languages in which an entry can be created are determined by those which have been assigned to a project and enabled for a content type.

Note: The default language is set at project level and cannot be changed once created.

Supported languages

We support the following languages in Contensis.

Languages Language and region code
Arabic ar
Bengali bn
Burmese my
Chinese zh
Chinese Simplified - China zh-CN
Danish da
Danish - Denmark da-DK
Dutch nl
Dutch - Belgium nl-BE
Dutch - Netherlands nl-NL
English en
English - Canada en-CA
English - Great Britain en-GB
English - India en-IN
English - United States en-US
French fr
French - Belgium fr-BE
French - Canada fr-CA
French - France fr-FR
French - Netherlands fr-NL
German de
German - Germany de-DE
Greek el
Gujarati gu
Hindi hi
Indonesian id
Irish Gaelic - Ireland ga-IE
Italian it
Japanese ja
Javanese jv
Kannada kn
Korean ko
Korean - South Korea ko-KR
Malay ms
Marathi mr
Persian fa
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Portuguese - Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese - Portugal pt-PT
Punjabi pa
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Scottish Gaelic - Scotland gd-GB
Spanish es
Spanish - Spain es-ES
Spanish - Mexico es-MX
Spanish - United States es-US
Swedish sv
Telugu te
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukranian uk
Urdu ur
Vietnamese vi
Welsh cy